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Malgara Rice Mills have been processing, packaging and trading rice since 1965, initially as a sole proprietorship and later in its present form. Efthimios Anastasopoulos is the founder, along with his son Antonios Anastasopoulos who with great care and passion, created a standard company in its industry ,continuing that way his great legacy. With love for the products offered by the Greek land and with a high sense of social responsibility, nowadays continues its successful route with the same passion as well as dedication. The careful selection of rice, from the best rice fields in Greece, the continuous investment in equipment and new facilities, the development of new packaging, the quality certificate ISO 22000 and IFS, prove that we are a dynamic company that is constantly looking for growth.

Types of rice


Its exceptional yellow colour is an evidence of its great taste. It is the perfect type of rice for pilafs or any other recipe; it is long-grain and fast to cook, while its granules remain intact. Its off-white colour is created during the processing of the rice husk.

Carolina Rice

White, medium-grain rice that is ideal for sticky rice pilafs. During its processing, its outer husk is being removed. It is easily cooked and absorbs any excess grease. It is perfect for oven-baked dishes, it is soft and it releases starch during cook

Nihaki Rice

White, long-grain rice used in pilafs and steamed recipes. It is the perfect choice for stuffed vegetab

Glacé Rice

White, medium-grain rice that has a wonderful fragrance and an exquisite taste. It is the ideal choice for creamy soups, desserts (such as rice puddings) and many other dishes (such as “atzem pilafi”). It is the favourite choice of Greeks and well-known amongst the Balkans, as it is one of the most ancient types of rice.

Brown Rice

Long-grain and medium-grain yellow rice. It is an unprocessed by-product of the first dehusking that has a higher nutritional value and ten times more vitamins than the rest of the rice varieties. Brown rice keeps its bran and it is low-fat. It is an important source of fibres, proteins and starchy carbohydrates.



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The policy of quality assurance, hygiene and safety of the products is our main concern.

Rice as a Vital Part of a Healthy Diet

Rice is an essential part of a healthy diet in the developed countries. It has been proved that it covers 27% of our energy needs and it is the main food of 20 counties in Asia, 9 in America and 8 in Africa.


It contains low biological value proteins, as well as simple and complex carbohydrates.


Rice is rich in B-complex vitamins, such as niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and selenium


It is easily digestible and can be consumed by everyone, as it does not contain any cholesterol, salt or fats.


It is gluten-free and thus the perfect choice for those who suffer from gluten intolerance.


Contrary to most of the foods, it does not cause any allergies.

Certificates of quality

Certificates of quality applied by our company

EN ISO 22000:2008

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International Featured Standards
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